The Nameless is a fantasy interactive fiction WIP that is character and romance driven, with your race loosely based on stories about the fey and other myths.

Most Recent Update: 30 June 2022 | Oisein Genderlock Patch

Content Warning: The Nameless is currently rated 18+, and will contain depictions of violence and light gore, strong language, and will eventually have optional sexual content.

Support: This game is a labor of love and is intended to stay free/donation-based. If you enjoyed, please consider supporting here or via Patreon or Ko-fi! 

Legend goes when the world was formed, the mortal races, mortalis, were created with the gift of magic. But as time passed their hubris grew, and the sheevra were created to curb their pride.

When it comes to these chaotic and malevolent beings, the lands are full of cautionary tales. Though some would tell you that the stories are just that. To them, names have no power. There are no mysterious deals to fear, and the figure who seduces you into an alley at midnight is certainly no malicious spirit.

Which luckily for you means easy prey.

Since you’ve gained consciousness, you’ve known the mortalis are responsible for draining the world of its magic and creating the Arids, the wastelands that have overtaken the continent. And the deals you lure them into are the only way the sheevra can slowly restore the world’s more balanced state.

After all, knowing someone’s true name is the most intimate secret a person can offer.

You never imagined fearful weaklings like these would be any threat to you. But when an entire sheevra clan disappears seemingly overnight, you’re sent to a city far from your home to investigate. And you quickly find - through sources both sheevra and mortalis - that the truth is never simple.

Will you find out what happened before it comes for you?

  • Customizable MC (non-binary inclusive) with different appearances in your sheevra form and glamoured mortalis form
  • Play as a dryad, unseelie, or leanhaun with different features, appearances, and magic bonuses
  • Personality stats that include how you view the mortalis
  • Magic vs Might preference, with bonuses depending on your sheevra type to one of the following magic schools: 
    • Elemental, Illusion, or Pathos
  • Sentiments: Vials of memories you’ve collected with different effects depending on who ingests them. The player starts out with one of each, and they come in pairs, totaling six:
    • Delight & Despair | Devotion & Repulsion | Fury & Fright

  • Nonbinary person [he/they]
  • Oisein: A fellow sheevra you’ve scouted cities with before, who defaults to sarcastic & flippant, though they seem to have a soft spot…

  • Selectable - [he/him][she/her]
  • The Healer: Open and friendly, keeps a pulse on the city and its people and has knowledge of some more…unorthodox medicine.

  • Selectable - [he/him][she/her]
  • The Magesmith: A prickly artificer and smith. Rarely opens up, and don’t ask about the arm if you’re expecting a straight answer.

  • Selectable - [he/him][she/her]
  • The Sage: Devoted to the Archival Library and keeping peace in the city. They may be calm in demeanor, but are unmatched in elemental magic.

Latest updates and news can be found on Tumblr (parkerlyn)

For bug reports, please use this form.

Writing, Programming, and In-game Art: Parker Lyn - Tumblr

Partial UI Design from Twine Template by Vahnya

Thank you to The Nameless Beta Readers! Dashing, Nora, Christina (levelofdepth), Dee, GingerGen, Emma Cole, Citta, honourlight, Gage, Unithecorn, Anne, Nina, Bree, Elizabeth, & Crow!

StatusIn development
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(390 total ratings)
AuthorParker Lyn
GenreInteractive Fiction
Tagsfae, Fantasy, fey, LGBT, Romance, Text based, Twine

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Can you include a version with mooreaux's art? Of course there's nothing wrong with your art, it's quite good actually, well better then anything I can come up with lol, but I really prefer mooreaux's design more...maybe a download link to that version?'s fine if you can't

When I commissioned the art, I received permission to use on the game page but not within the game - so I won’t be doing that! I’m extremely grateful and love mooreaux’s art too, but am proud of the game being entirely my own writing and art now. This is honestly an extremely disheartening message, and I hope you’ll put more consideration into your comments to creators in the future.


Aaaw I love Oisein! 


Hey, what happened to the old art that mooreaux had made? I'm just curious


Hiya - and nothing really haha, they can still be found here! I've always wanted to transition to my own art that's in game for the main game page, and finally was happy enough with the updated art to do so at the last update!


Oh wow really? That's awesome! And your art is absolutely fantastic!

Love the story just started it and just saw this comment and honestly i do love the artwork that is up now. It's beautiful and very well done.

(1 edit)

I can't lie but I expected 1 chapter and instead got a blended drink of a perfect amount of text for multiple chapters

Haha, I'm glad you enjoyed! Can't wait to share more soon  C:


Haven't checked the game in a while because I got busy 😔 has Oisein been updated to be he/they only? Because I absolutely love it and it makes me feel even closer to them.


Hi!! Yes! Oisein has been locked to nonbinary he/they - more information in this devlog! That's so lovely to hear - I'm much happier to write the character as their true self and how I imagine them! 💜

PLEASE oisein is SUCH an asshole i love them so much aaaa


Hahaha asshole (affectionate) is what I aim for with Oisein 😌 glad you like them!!

Love everything about this IF; the characters, the setting, the art, & it's game mechanics!


Hi! Thanks so much for your patience and thank you for the kind words!! ;_; <3 Hope you continue to enjoy!

i played through the entire demo-so-far in a day and i am thoroughly in love with oisein. beautiful worldbuilding, storytelling and characters!

Thank you so much!! So happy you enjoyed 💜

I love this IF and I am very excited to see it to it's completion! I used to avoid IF's, but I'm very glad the character art drew me in because it was definitely a pleasure to read through. I'm also glad about Oisein being adjusted, it felt odd to know they could be nonbinary or not, and they/he definitely fits them far better than just one set of pronouns.  


Aw thank you so much for the kind words for the story and for the art! 🥰 And absolutely agree, I definitely fell into the every-RO-must-be-selectable trap when first starting The Nameless, so I'm happy to be more true to who they are now. 💜


I won't lie the 'glitch" text scared me, but nonetheless I think this IF is great, Oisein has my heart ^^

Oh no! A part of me is excited because that's the intended effect but I am sorry about the scare haha. Thank you for the kind words and glad you enjoy the story and Oisein! 💜

Your welcome, and don't worry I find it rather cool too, and it kinda inspired me for that certain effect if I ever decide making an IF with Twine, ehe-


Been following this ever since I found it on choicescript and I'm literally obsessed!! The writing is so vibrant and the UI is just absolutely stunning. I did have a minor question about the pronoun variables in the section "After another scoff, the Magesmith rolls her shoulders", that I just noticed while replaying but I might just be confused and sleep deprived! 

This is honestly such a gorgeous piece of work, from the worldbuilding to plot and execution, and I can't wait to see the future updates

Thank you so so much for your continued support even since then!! <3 I really appreciate the kind words 🥺 And oh! If you've noticed a bug or anything feel free to reply here/use the google form, or message me on tumblr and let me know what you've seen!

Thank you so much again! 🥰

(1 edit) (+1)

amazing story :) you fall in love with every character and the world parker's created tickles yours skin, as if you looked away you would find the streets of Renescen gleaming around you. my heart scrunched with overwhelming love for oisein so thank you for that as well.

really looking foward for future updates :) 


Thank you so so much for the lovely words!! ❤️ I'm so glad that the world and characters came alive for you, and looking forward to sharing more with you! 😊


Been following this story since last year🤣 Thumb up!(And successfully recommended it to my friend)

Also waiting for more healer content~(whisper)



Ahhh so sorry thought I responded earlier, but thank you so much for the kind words and for the recommendation! Hope your friend enjoys ❤️

(whisper) More good good Healer content to come in the second part of Chap 4 ~ 👀

downloadable version

Hi! (Assuming this is asking for a downloadable version- ) As of now the game can only be played in a browser or else on the desktop itch app, both of which require an internet connection (at least I think this is true for the app as well!)

How do I get the ' Do you hear me ' choice when we investigating the odd sounds?


(Vague spoilers!) Oh that’s actually a fake choice haha - might be… someone else trying to speak to your character 👀

Help why is this amazing??? It only has three and a half chapters??? Thank you so much for all your hard work this story is truly breathtaking. I look forward to the future! 

Thank you for the lovely comment!! ;_; <3 I’m looking forward to sharing more in the future as well!

the writing was so good!! and the ui is stunning :O

Thank you so much for the kind words!! <3 And glad you're enjoying the UI, I hope to keep improving the visuals and interface as the story continues! C:

I enjoyed this delicately crafted story.

Thank you and so glad you enjoyed! 🥰


The new graphic elements are Gorgeous.

Thank you so much!! ❤️ I hope it adds nicely to the game overall! 

Hello, I could not play it on mobile because the new game and load game button are on top of the title. I could only click the setting. 

Hi! Yes landscape orientation for phones is still in work. For mobile, the title menu/game are optimized for portrait mode!

Yes, I able to play it on portrait mode. Thank you so much!

i  started it today and omg  I love the world and charaters! im head over heels for the healer and oisein! i cant wait for more <3


Thank you!! So happy you’ve been loving the world 🥰 and excited for you to learn more about both the healer and oisein! 👀

I am already in love with the sage!! eeee!!!! i can't wait for more chapters to be released!

Thank you so much for the kind words, I'm glad you enjoyed and are loving the Sage so far!! <3

How many chapters in total have you planned, please?


Hi! As of now, the first book is aimed to be around 15 chapters :) 

Thank you for answer me! <3


THIS WAS SO FUN!! The end was making me so nervous that I didn't even fully read it lol


I'm so glad you enjoyed!! :D (though I am sorry about the current end haha. Unfortunately it may...continue to be a little nerve-racking in the future 👀)

Loving this so far. I love that we can change our pronouns whenever we want! Can’t wait to see how this story develops in the future.


Thank you so much, I really appreciate it and can't wait to share more! C:

(1 edit) (-1)

does anyone knows how to download the html file?


will this game be free when it is finished?


It's right at the top of the game page! :D "Support: This game is a labor of love and is intended to stay free/donation-based."


Hi! (And thank you karygurl!)  Yes the base game will remain free here on, with bonus art and content available through Ko-fi, and more eventually through Patreon once I open that up!

Could you let us know if possible when you open up a patreon so those of us who have it can support you there? 


Hi! Yes absolutely and thank you for the interest in supporting on Patreon! 😊 I’m planning to open it up before the next update with a queue of bonus writing and art, and will be sure to post a dev post when it’s live!

I am sad this game won't start the game. Oh well.


Hi! If there was a specific error message you received please let me know! Some standard things are that the game can't be played in incognito mode, and sometimes local browser storage can limit it as well. Hope there's a way for you to play!


what was this made with? ive seen various games with this format.


i believe it was made with twine!

(1 edit)



Hi! Yes, can confirm it was made with Twine, specifically with editing the Sugarcube format :)

thank you! :D

(1 edit)

Uh, I'm sorry but... why are my saves gone? I also used save to disk for backup or some sort. It doesn't work either and said i used them from the wrong game while the files is written nameless on it. Is it a bug or some sort?

I'm using pc to be exact


Hi! This is likely due to Patch 1.1 coming out a few days ago! I'm not sure if it'll fix the issue, but I just reuploaded the file and named it the same as before. If it still doesn't work, then you may need to set up your playthrough again, and sorry for the inconvenience! 

That said, I highly recommend and you'll likely need to set up new saves before the next content update because of the features implemented in the patch, which may mess up references to your character in the future if using an old save. More details in the dev log!

(1 edit)

Thank you! It still doesn't work unfortunately. While I'm saving the new saves, the name had the word copy on it. Ex : However, the usual one does not have any copy in it. Maybe that's the reason why?

My guess its a duplicate of the game and that's probably why the save doesn't work

Ah! Okay yes sorry I know where the copy is coming from. Granted, still can't guarantee it will fix the saves, but I've uploaded the version that has the name without "copy" from my local Twine! Thanks for your patience and for this quick learning point haha

It works now! Thank you!

[a minor spoiler contained]

It's been quite awhile since I've had a demo for a game make me lose sleep because my brain just kept twisting it about trying to get...something out of it. Even longer since I had to try every single path I could to see which I liked more. (Oisein has been chosen). I particularly love the fact that in a world of supernatural races, we get to be a supernatural.  And question: we've seen Oisein's whole face before The Thing right? I'm not stupid and missing the fact that we've never seen one side of their face, right?

I saw your post on tumblr about committing to one format, and I really hope it helps because I want to see the end of this story. I've just one concern/bug: right now I cannot play the twine version here because the box that goes behind the text isn't there; I switched over to the other demo because...I needed to be a Fae and steal Oisein's heart. I saw another person had the same issue, so I'm hoping a fix was already in the works because even redownloading the game didn't fix it for me.

All this to say, I really hope this sees its end, I don't think my heart could take not knowing what is going on with Faceless McMurderson (the most polite of nicknames I have for them) Sorry for talking a lot. I just...Thank you for creating this world.

First of all, thank you so much for such a lovely comment and words! It really means a lot to me and makes me really happy that you enjoyed. <3

And yes, now that I've been able to focus a bit more into one version, I went back into the code and I'm releasing a patch soon for that. I unfortunately still can't replicate that passage bg issue, but I will be adding new features to disable the background image and make the background just a solid color depending on your light/dark mode preference!

[minor spoiler answer]

And yes you've seen all of Oisein's face before, they were mostly trying to hide something new in their sheevra form since the last time you saw them. 👀 And that is an excellent nickname hahaha

Thank you so much again, and I can't wait to share more!

You are quite welcome! Not only did you make me want to draw my character, but also made me want to try Twine again! Which is an accomplishment worthy of a medal ;)

Without knowing how to code or look at anything like that or send you the file, I haven't a clue. But yay!

Oh good so my brain didn't do its magic trick and make a passage move or disappear! Cause it likes to do that. I cannot wait for that talk to happen...


woahh this is awesome i love oisein

Thank you so much!! And glad you're enjoying them 💜


among other things, i love the amount of lore! the writing, the scene with the sage and the bank was written in just the way that you get sucked in and momentarily forget you're reading text and not actually seeing it happen in front of you.  it seems like you put a lot of time into it and i can't wait for more! 

side note - i could be wrong, but do you play d&d?


Thank you so much!! That's so wonderful to hear <3 

And haha no you are very correct, I do love D&D and play/DM often! This story actually started from a one liner about an NPC in Kobold Press' Courts of the Shadow Fey, and just spiraled out of control into a separate world and story!

thanks for your reply! 

ah that explains a lot! as a player of d&d myself, i couldn't help but notice the d&d-ness of this story, among other things.  you must be quite a fun dm! i've never been dm, it is most certainly not my forte, so respect to you!

best wishes.

An excellent story! Thank you for bringing us such an amazing story!

Thank you for reading! :D

I know when I was seeing this its look familiar. This game is also available in Choicescript format. This game always lingering on Dashingdon, but I never think to play it because of the premise--but dang, i change my mind when play the Twine version.

Thanks for giving it another chance and hope you enjoy!


hey loving the game so far <3. was just wondering if its possible to be polyamorous?


Thank you so much! And as of now I don't have any poly routes planned, but will update the romance info if that changes!

Hi, I'm really enjoying the game so far - I especially appreciate all the informaion settings right at the beginning, it really cuts through a lot of what can sometimes be unclear when playing interactive fiction. Thank you!

Just one thing: in the downloaded version, a portion of the text isn't visible on the main screen or in settings due to the dark background, I don't know if this was just me?


Thank you so much! And hmm so I haven't been able to replicate this on the downloaded version (itch app/my local html file) Do you know what text seems to be missing or if it's the same in the light mode veresion?

(1 edit)

On my version the light backdrop behind the text and in front of the photo seems to be missing. Perhaps I should try to re-download it? I switched to the dashingdon version and it’s awesome so far, thank you ✨

I just downloaded it and it's the same for me. 

I love it ! can't wait for future updates. The lore, the characters , everything has me hooked !

Thank you so much, and hope you enjoy the next parts of the story!!